Goed Geschud

Goed Geschud is an innovative bureau consulting medical and educational organisations. Asking tough questions is at the heart of their daily work. We aimed at communicating their unconventional approach through their new visual identity.

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Goed Geschud


The new branding conveys Goed Geschud's out of the box thinking, their active minds and the challenge of overcoming the outdated. At the same time, a sense of reliability and professionalism was equally as important.


We created a new visual identity that shows the importance of asking the right questions and plays with structure and breaking free of it. It takes a fresh look at the familiar and communicates Goed Geschud's unique qualities.

Goed Geschud Goed Geschud Goed Geschud

Using unique question blocks, bold colours and a play with perspective and structure resulted in a branding that suits Goed Geschud's out-of-the-box mindset. It's versatile when it comes to creating new assets and adds recognisability and character to the brand.

Goed Geschud